Drone technology

NASA scientists have developed a new software that helps the drones to find the best location for ‘crash landing’ in emergencies, so that no person on the ground is harmed. Due to the increase in the number of drones in the sky, it seems to threaten the people present on the property and the property that if there is a systemic problem in these unmanned vehicles, they can come down and bump into them.

In the US, NASA’s Langley Research Center, Aerospace Technician Patricia Glab and her colleagues have created ‘crash-landing’ software for the drones. During eight test flights, successful locations were successfully searched for this technique to land. These places include places full of water or drains.

If a person is struggling with cancer of the mouth, throat or neck and does not want to be treated with chemotherapy and radiation, then in India, there is a new technique to remove tumor with the help of robotic surgery, and according to doctors it is relatively less painful is. This technique does not cut the mouth of a person suffering from mouth or neck cancer, but the tumor is removed with the help of a robot.Actually, this technique has a robot and several arms, one of which had a camera is.

Through this, the portion of the mouth, throat and neck can be reached, where there is a tumor and there is no access to the doctor. With the help of a robot, the tumor is removed and cut and the ankle is not applied to the patient’s mouth and neck.

Through this technique, 500 operations have been conducted at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute and the hospital has also done a study on 57 people, which has been done in a two-and-a-half year period. The doctor says that 43 out of 57 patients got rid of cancer.

Dr. Surendra Dabas, director of ‘Neck and Thrux Surgical Oncology’ in the hospital today said that this technique is relatively easy. While chemotherapy and radiation take seven weeks, it takes seven days for the patient to recover. He said, ‘In the arms of the robot, it is carried in the inside of the mouth where the doctor is unable to reach. It has a camera in its arm and the doctor sees it in it and throws the tumor with the help of robot through three D. ‘He said that it takes 20 minutes to conduct the operation with this technique.

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