Maruti latest innovations

Maruti Suzuki India, the country’s largest car maker, is focusing on new technologies for reducing emissions and fuel efficiency in its vehicles. The company said that since 2007-08, it has managed to cut about 19 percent in the weighted average of CO2 emissions on its fleet of vehicles in nearly a decade since 2007-08. In the statement, Maruti Suzuki India Executive Director (Engineering) CV Raman said in a statement that we will continue to invest in new technologies and strengthen our capacity to increase the fuel efficiency of our cars and reduce the per capita emission reduction. In addition to improving existing engines and transmissions, Maruti Suzuki will also focus on the lightweight platform of the new generation. Like Harttech etc. Belano and new DZire models are based on this.

The company says that this will enable it to offer more safe and fuel efficient vehicles. Raman said, ‘We are working on platform strategy and making them rational, to provide better value to the customers through better fuel efficiency and better performance.’ When asked about the emission reduction efforts, the company said that it has reduced its weighted average CO2 erosion by nearly 19 percent in its entire fleet.

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