I phone 8 upcoming features

A recent report indicates that true tone displays will be provided in all iPhone models coming in 2017. This technique was first given in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. But now this technology has news of new iPhone devices coming this year.

MacRumers have claimed in a new report from Barclays that new iPhones, which are being called the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. All these variants can have a True Tone display. From the TrueTone technology developed by Apple, the color of the screen varies according to the environment. It’s a bit like ‘Night Shift’, but it does a lot more than reducing the Blue Light from the screen and it’s activated at night. TrueTone technology works for 24 hours and it adjusts white balance, brightness and color for reading color accuracy and text.

This report claims that this technique will be supplied by the Austrian Semiconductor Producer AMS. In the iPhone 8 along with the alleged iPhone 7S variant, True Color Screen Functionality in the iPad Pro can be seen.

IPhone 8 offers advanced wireless charging, edge-to-edge olead displays, 3GB RAM, fingerprint scanners in the display, dual rear camera, augmented reality feature, a 3D sensor facetime camera and better dust and water protection.

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