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In this era called digital, now a new and unique look of technology will soon be seen. Electronic packaging will be used in future packaging of products, which will provide you all important information related to the product.

Scientists at the University of Sheffield UK have discovered a new way to engage the electronic screen in a paper packaging, in which simple messages will be contained to consumers. This experiment can revolutionize the packaging industry.

David Lidzi, chief scientist of this research, said, ‘The product’s packaging and labels can be brought more innovative, so it will help customers to know the product as well as discover new products, light emitted panels and displays on packaging. Use can be a more accessible way for the company to increase awareness about the product. ‘

It can be used in greeting cards and other products, in which consumers will get some simple messages.

This research team is collaborating with technology products company Nouvelia on a new path to display information on packaging.

Launched a new Activity Tracker which is equipped with the Rist-West Heart Rate and Smart Notification Technology. It will look at the heartbeat for twenty four hours. This device named ‘Vivosmart HR’ will be easily available on e-commerce websites. There is also a large display to be read in sunlight.

It monitors our heartbeats for twenty four hours. Whenever we walk, stairs climb or burn calories in any way, it keeps track of all those activities.

This device can be connected to the smartphone and is equipped with features such as tex, call, email, calendar, social media alerts, music control etc.

The company’s National Sales Manager Ali Rizvi issued a statement saying, ‘Vivosomart HR is going to be a revolutionary product in the Indian market, especially for those who want to get constant information about their daily activity.’

This tracker is like a thin band that is quite light and comfortable so that it can be worn all day. Its battery capacity is seven days and in 50 meters deep water it is not bad.

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