Verify facebook fan page-Detailed Process

Facebook has now introduced the procedure to check its fan pages . Since it has been accounted for to facebook in late couple of years that few individuals and online networking promoting organizations are making counterfeit fan page of well known superstar , mark , symbol , on-screen character , on-screen character and so forth , and are making abuse of fan pages, subsequently in such situation it was likewise exceptionally troublesome for individuals to perceived which is the honest to goodness page and which is phony page , henceforth keeping in mind the end goal to beat this issue , Facebook present a system of confirming the fan page , by including a blue identification of “checked” image on the honest to goodness fan page .which resemble a check sign of right image.

Well ordered strategy to send confirmation ask for your facebook fan page .

Stage 1 – Login to your facebook account .Donot to go to your fan page .

Stage 2 – Now open another tab in a similar program , and type the connection in the address bar of a similar program or you can likewise reorder it in your program url .

Stage 3 – Now hit Enter key on your console , now you will reach to the page where there is an alternative to send demand to confirm your page , You will discover there a page check ask for frame , in which , as a matter of first importance you will have the select the page which you need to confirm , select from drop down choice , now you should examine and transfer a unique duplicate of your character verification which can evidence that this page have a place with you , or your business , mark and so on, so facebook might confirm that your page is honest to goodness or phony. After that you have to fillup your site address in the crate gave beneath , and after that you have to present the page check demand to facebook .

It ordinarily takes up to 30 days to get the status of your check status , amid this period you may get approach the gave number , or email ,or you might be solicited to put a piece from code gave by facebook on your site , with the goal that it could evidence your genuinity

Kindly watch the video for well ordered direction situated in the base of this page.

What is the advantage of getting your facebook page checked .

Your Fans will realize that your page is Genuine : If you won’t confirm your page. Since once in a while it has additionally been accounted for that some phony pages have more page likes than certifiable page , in such circumstance it is exceptionally troublesome for Real brand to verification themselves in broad daylight that my page is honest to goodness , Hence I will dependably recommend you to get your page confirmed , it will help your fans to make contrast amongst unique and copy fan pages.

Ensure your Brand Reputation , which counterfeit pages could abuse : Since counterfeit pages of your image name likewise have tremendous number page likes implies fans , thus on the off chance that they post anything on their phony page , your open will comprehend this is the post from your side , The circumstance could be more frenzy if , counterfeit pages post some questionable or wrong data and on the off chance that it gets viral on facebook , it could impact your image picture .

Enormous development of fans , page likes and post engagement : If you check your page , then your fans will have the capacity to realize that your page is authentic subsequently likelihood of getting page loves on your page will be substantially higher than counterfeit page , additionally your those fans who are locked in with counterfeit pages will came to realize that I had loved a phony page of my symbol , consequently they will detest the phony page and like the bona fide page of yours. Because of this , more open will get drew in with your post , they will share , remark and like your post with more certain.

Higher positioning in facebook seek and Search motor natural hunt both : Once your page get confirmed , then when individuals look in facebook seek about your image your page will compulsory show on the best in the indexed lists , and furthermore when individuals will seek in internet searcher like google , bing , yippee , and so forth they will likewise list your page on top in their natural inquiry postings.

Which kind of pages can be confirmed ?

facebook offers to check any classification of pages including neighborhood business pages also which has higher volume of page likes and fans , however for a few nations it is for the most part confined to classification/type which goes under – big name and open figure , Global brand and organizations , media .

Why I am getting error” .

Indeed , off kilter individuals of a few nations may confront this issue while setting a page check ask for on the grounds that , because of high volume of page confirmation ask for from everywhere throughout the world , it is getting extremely troublesome for facebook workers to check and oversee such a gigantic check ask for , henceforth they had impaired this element for some district or nation , which will most likely begin in the blink of an eye , once facebook get plan to deal with such demands.

How much time is required?

It sometimes take up to 30 days to get the status of your page confirmed.

So now I have explained the fully detailed process about how to verify facebook fan page.I f you have any additional questions.Just as me through comments.Thanks for reading.

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