World’s biggest plane

The world’s largest aircraft have successfully completed the test flight and this giant airplane filled with helium is one step away from commercial use. This hybrid aircraft named Airlandar 10 is a combination of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft.

It has been prepared with flyers to fly at an altitude of 6,100 meters for five days.

According to the news of ‘Live Science’, with the length of 92 meters, it is currently the largest flying aircraft.

According to Hybrid Air Vehicles, the British company that created the aircraft, the airliner 10 aircraft took a total of 180 minutes on May 10. Flight was taken for testing of aircraft and its advanced landing techniques etc.

Dell Burns, chief test pilot of the Airlandar 10, said that the AirLander 10 was successfully operated during a successful test flight in Cardigan, UK.

The company said that the flight test team is very happy with the initial analysis of the 10th Airlander 10. It was the third flight of the Airliner 10. The aircraft first filled in 2012 during a US Army program. The advanced aircraft flew first in August last year.

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